In a global competitive environment where manufacturing companies strive for achieving maximum productivity, smart manufacturing has become a crucial concept for their long-term viability. Smart manufacturing uses interconnected equipment to monitor and control the production processes with the main goal of automating operations and boosting performance. To take full advantage of the smart manufacturing potentials, it is important to understand not only the key technological elements and features of a smart factory, but also how they can be integrated into current and future industrial production environments. This paper tackles these issues based on EDAG Production Solutions (EDAG-PS) long-standing holistic view of industrial production systems. More specifically, it explains how EDAG-PS addresses the growing demand for digital, flexible, and agile solutions, offering an overview of our innovative multidisciplinary approach. Finally, the paper uses six use case applications to illustrate the successful integration of such solutions into an industrial manufacturing environment. Overall, this contribution aims at sharing EDAG-PS insights and lessons learned while transitioning from a traditional engineering services company towards a digital production solutions provider.